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Tuesday, February 27 2024 @ 01:04 MST

Further proof Harper and his followers don't believe in democracy.

Canadian PoliticsIt would seem that Rob Anders has surfaced and is upset that the opposition parties are trying to defeat Conservatives. It would seem from this that Anders doesn't under stand how democracy works, that indeed the opposition parties will try to ensure that the ruling party doesn't return to power. Of course Anders is to be forgiven about this attitude since his own party had pretty much forsaken democracy in his own nomination process that he probably believes that he is the chosen one.

The fact that Harper has let Rob Anders in front of a live microphone, and further to allow him to complain that people are trying to take Calgary-West from him through a democratic process is telling. It is yet more proof that Harper and his supporters do not believe in democracy. They only go through the motions of elections if and only if they think they'll win. Any other election, in the words of Stephen Harper, is unnecessary.

Given Harper's history of undemocratic actions Harper's allowing Anders to complain about this is just more fuel for the fire. From this it is safe to say that Harper, the Conservative Party of Canada and their supporters hate the democratic process and would be more than happy to have a Conservative dictatorship in Canada. Anders' statement show that they only pay lip service to democracy and that if someone else tries to get a non-Conservative elected to them that's just not democratic and downright treasonous.

Which begs the question, if the NDP pull off a miracle and form a federal government on Tuesday, will Harper give up the reins of power? Will he call on the military to throw out the "illegally elected" NDP and Liberal MP's? Will he do that if he wins? All good questions and ones that someone should be asking Harper, especially after Anders' comments that the big bad opposition is ganging up on him and the Conservative Party.

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