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Monday, January 17 2022 @ 07:28 MST

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Gomery and the next federal election.
Authored by: evilscientist onSaturday, April 09 2005 @ 10:18 MDT
Just finished looking at an Environics poll published on Monday which has the main politcal parties pretty much staying where they are overall in their popularity with Canadians. The same poll aslo has half of Canadians saying there's no pressing issue to force an election. Words the Tories need to heed. The poll is here.
Gomery and the next federal election.
Authored by: Anonymous onSunday, April 10 2005 @ 02:46 MDT
My guess is that the next government will be a Liberal minority, with the NDP acting as the "king maker" in the parliament.

I don't expect the Conservatives to be able to keep their collective traps shut in front of cameras - especially not with clowns like the Byfields and Mr. Chandler demanding some kind of "debt repayment" from Harper.

(Chandler by himself could sink that party's standing in Ontario - mostly by opening his flap)

- Grog

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