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Tuesday, April 23 2024 @ 01:41 MDT

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PhyiscsThe fires in BC near Williams Lake have caused it to be quite smoky here in Calgary. Sufficently smoky that the provincial health officer has suggested that those with breathing issues stay indoors. Leaving work today I noticed that it is sufficiently smoky to cause reddening of the Sun (see photo below). The light illuminating the ground is redder than normal due to the smoke.
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Age of the Universe

AstronomyOver the past few weeks in my surfing the blogosphere, I've read several anti-creation posts over at sites such as Pharyngula and via Dave over at Galloping Beaver who twigged me on to a YouTube series on debunking creationism called Why do People Laught at Creationism. This has inspired me to present as a public service the evidence for a very old universe.
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Photos ho!


Just before I left for my vacation I picked up a new camera. I've always wanted a Nikon digital SLR, and they've come down enough in price that I can afford one. So I picked up a Nikon D50 with a couple of lenses. It's a nice camera, 6.5 megapixels, has a nice heft to it and it will accept all the Nikon film lenses I've accumulated over the years.

So I've been going picture happy, which is what anybody does with a new camera. What I've also done is tried out the camera at astro-photography, that is taking photographs of the night sky. The digital camera makes this a lot easier for a couple of reasons.

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The Radio Sky

AstronomyFor those of you who don't know me that well, I'm not just about the politics. Yes much of my formal university training is in political science and education, but I also have university level training in astrophysics, physics and chemistry.
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