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Sunday, July 12 2020 @ 02:42 MDT

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So they gave me a medal.

Crünchy ToastLast night Mrs. Evil and I went to a ceremony where I and 36 other Albertans received the Alberta Centennial Medal from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Now until the ceremony I only had a vague idea as to why I was receiving this honour. I knew that my commanding officer had recommended that the Lieutenant Governor nominate me for the medal, as he had told me as such (my CO is also an aide-de-camp to the Lieutenant Governor). I also knew that I was to get the medal, having received a letter from the Lieutenant Governor's office telling me as such. It wasn't until last night, however that I learned why.
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The things people email me.


I get email, who doesn't. Occasionally I get an unspeakable horrors in my mailbox. I recently received an email from someone I know, the contents of which were a bit of a shock. I suspect it is a forward of an email that is making the rounds, so I will not name this individual, however the contents of the message is be here. I originally wasn't even going to dignify this with a response, but you can't keep a political scientist from expressing his opinion.

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Rod Love Spouts Off

Alberta PoliticsOn my morning commute to the LRT station, I listen to the radio. Thankfully the CBC strike is over and I can get my info fix (Jack FM is great for music, but I missed my morning news and info). Well this morning they had Rod Love on talking about the Gomery Commission. The Gomery Commission is in Alberta looking at recommendations to help prevent the Sponsorship Scandal from happening again. Apparently Mr. Love has been invited to provide a submission to the Commission and CBC was interviewing him this morning.
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Food court philosophy.

Jason ramblingSo there I am at lunch today at the food court in the mall near my work when it hits me. All food courts are the same. The names of the restaurants change from food court to food court, but the genre of foods, for the most part, doesn't.
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God made him do it.

US PoliticsThere was a time in the past when, if you did something bone-headed or wrong, you'd just say that “the devil made you do it”. Well good ol' George W. down in the US of A has come out and stated that the whole “War on Terrorism” and the invasion of Iraq happened because God told him (dubya) to do it.
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What a week it has been.

Crünchy ToastIt's been quite a week here at Castle Evil. First off, it looks like Mrs. Evil and myself have purchased a new house. One that is larger than our current townhouse. It's only a couple of blocks from where we are now and is on a quiet cul-de-sac. That was Sunday/Monday.
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Beginning of the end of Microsoft dominance?

TechnologyMicrosoft has been a huge influence in the computer world for the past 20 years or so. They have a near monopoly on the home computer market in terms of operating systems as well as in office applications such as word processors. So why the title of this article? Well the state of Massachusetts has just announced that all documents that the state government will use must be in an open standard. So what's the problem for Microsoft? None of their file formats qualify as an open standard.
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On Hurricanes and Global Warming

Science!As the US waits to be hit by the second force 5 hurricane in as many months it gives pause for thought on global warming. How are these two things connected? Well, as the Earth warms up, the process is slowed by one main factor, the oceans. Water can hold a heck of a lot of thermal energy, way more than air and even rock. So as the energy from the Sun is trapped by the greenhouse effect, some of that energy goes into the oceans which, acting like a large heat sink, moderates temperature change.
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Spammer hell

TechnologyI've been getting a bunch of comment spam the past couple of days. More a nuisance than anything really as I've been deleting them as I find them. The main reason for this post is to tell you all that I've upgraded the software. The newer version of Geeklog, the software that runs this site, is better at dealing with comment spam. If you find something that's not quite right with the site, please contact me as that means I've missed something in a config file.
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Is Alberta heading for a fall?

Alberta PoliticsI have some concerns about the direction our province of Alberta is heading. Though we currently have huge oil revenue surpluses, it would seem that mismanagement of this revenue is robbing our future for short term personal gain. Case in point is the $300 or so “dividend” announced by the premier this past week.