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Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 10:27 MDT

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You know you\'re in Canada when...

Jason ramblingThe end of the NHL hockey strike is reported, above the fold, in second coming type. Pushing nearly all news off the front page of one newspaper and all news off the tabloid. Change health care, close borders, have politicians steal money, but don\'t mess with a Canadian\'s hockey goddamnit....
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Damn Flu

Crünchy ToastMonday I came down with the flu. Aches, pains, fever of 39C (102F). I foolishly went to work Tuesday afternoon where my team ganged up on me at the end of the day and told be to stay home Wednesday. At least today the fever\'s down and I\'m not quite so achy... blech...
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Photos ho!


Just before I left for my vacation I picked up a new camera. I've always wanted a Nikon digital SLR, and they've come down enough in price that I can afford one. So I picked up a Nikon D50 with a couple of lenses. It's a nice camera, 6.5 megapixels, has a nice heft to it and it will accept all the Nikon film lenses I've accumulated over the years.

So I've been going picture happy, which is what anybody does with a new camera. What I've also done is tried out the camera at astro-photography, that is taking photographs of the night sky. The digital camera makes this a lot easier for a couple of reasons.

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Canada Day Thoughts

Alberta PoliticsI type this from my hotel room as I am on vacation. One of the reasons I like the hotel in which I'm staying (other than the jacuzzi tub in the room) is that I get a free newspaper in the morning. In this morning's Globe and Mail is a story on the annual Dominion Institute's Canadian History Quiz. Sadly to say, as a country, we suck at our history.
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Jason ramblingFor those of you who don\'t know me, I was adopted at birth. I\'ve known this since I was a small child as my parents did not keep this a secret from me. For the most part, over the years, I\'ve not had a great urge to find my birth mother. Part of this was due to the difficulty in doing so. Records were sealed when I was adopted as a matter of government policy, so finding one\'s birth parent(s) was next to impossible.
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Tories slowly learning.

Canadian PoliticsThe federal Conservatives, having been playing by the Alberta Tories manta of doing what they want, have finally noticed that it\'s not working outside of Alberta. Recent polls show that they are running neck and neck with the NDP for second place behind the Liberals. Even worse for them, their leader\'s popularity is the worst of all the federal leaders. Even in his stronghold of Alberta Stephen Harper\'s popularity has slipped by 20% (now riding only in the mid 70\'s in that province).
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“Liberal” media bias.

Canadian PoliticsI\'m always hearing of how biased the media is in its reporting, that the media always tries to portray the Liberal party in the best light. I\'ve noted that the same people who complain about this supposed bias also are remarkably quiet when the media appears biased towards the Conservatives.
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Conservatives, Firewallers and Hypocrites.

Alberta PoliticsConservatives (both large and small “c”) never cease to amaze me. While listening to CBC AM the other day I heard proponents of the so-called “firewall” for around Alberta. They claim, that by pushing Ottawa out of areas that the Alberta provincial government has constitutional authority, such as health and policing.
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Star Wars, one man\'s opinion.

Jason ramblingLast week Mrs. Evil and I went out to see the latest Star Wars offering. I enjoyed it, but the enjoyment wasn\'t as much as I had for the original three movies. The special effects were great, the story was good and explained a lot of what was in the original three movies, but something was missing. I think the is due to a couple of reasons.
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Rotten Applewood

Alberta PoliticsInside my riding of Calgary-Montrose and Ward 10, is the community of Applewood. The executive of the community association is made up primarily of people who worked on both the Hung Pham and Margot Aftergood campaigns. The interesting part is this. The Auditor General is now investigating money given to the community association.