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Thursday, July 09 2020 @ 05:25 MDT

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The Vanguard Party

Alberta PoliticsI heard an interesting thing on CBC on my way into work this morning. Victor Doerksen, in his speech outlining what he'd do as leader of the Alberta Tories, indicated that he would change the process in which party members communicate with the government. This points to two scary things, first the current government is ignoring it's own party members, second, the only problem with that in the eyes of the Tories is that the government is ignoring them and to heck with the rest of Albertans.
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Man of the People he isn't.

Canadian PoliticsIt would appear that during his six day tour of Canada's North, Stephen Harper wasn't very available. He met only with some carefully selected people and everyone else was kept at bay by dark suited security guards. It would appear the Harper doesn't want any people that might disagree with him around him.
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They Just Don't Give Up.

Alberta PoliticsIt would appear that the Klein government has re-introduced the "Third Way". No press release or announcement was made. This government will stop at nothing to get its way, certainly not the objections of the voters. After all, the American private insurance and medical corporations have paid big bucks for the Alberta Tories to let them in the door.
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Tories Throw Arabs a Bone

Canadian PoliticsDuring his whirlwind tour of Canada's North, Stephen Harper has thrown Arab-Canadians a bone. Harper announced $25 million in aid for Lebanon. He emphasized that this was a large amount and that it would be funneled through "legitimate" aid agencies. A more important announcement was that Canada would not be sending troops to take part in the UN peacekeeping force that will be deployed to the region.
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The Continuing Tory Follies

Canadian PoliticsIt would appear that some Saskatchewan Conservative MP's are concerned with getting re-elected. It would seem that the Harper government's laxidasial approach to equalization is causing some political heat in the prairie province. In a leaked letter, the Saskatchewan caucus urges the Prime Minister to quickly resolve the equalization issue or they will be feeling political consequences back home.
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Tories Not International Statesmen.

Canadian PoliticsThe problem with micromanagement is that even if you manage not to do it, people still think that you're still the one pulling the strings, no matter how much you deny it. This is the case with a Tory MP who's pulled out of an all-party fact finding mission to the Middle East.
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The Justice You can Afford.

Canadian PoliticsIt would appear that Canada is heading to a system where you only get the justice you can afford. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada was stating in a speech to the Canadian Bar Association. The story is from the CBC here. There apparently is an epidemic of unrepresented people in the court system, sometimes upwards of 40% of those a judge will see on any given day. The Chief Justice opined that this is seriously hindering the ability of these people to a fair hearing.
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Why we're losing the "War on Terror"

International PoliticsEvery time I see an article dealing with the so-called "War on Terror (TM, Pat. Pend)" it strikes me how badly we (the West) are losing. With every change to our rights and freedoms, our very way of life that governments impose on us in the name of security, it's one more victory for those we are "fighting" in this "war". Here's why:
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How long till Stephen Harper is doing your job?

Canadian Politics

It's been a while since I've written anything about politics as I have been on vacation. Now that the vacation is over and I'm getting back into the routine of my working life, my mind is again pondering the wonder that is Canadian politics.

What I'm looking at is the impending implosion of the Conservative party at it's top. From what I have gathered in the press, Stephen Harper is a micro-manager of immense proportions. For example, a Canadian citizen is currently charged with terrorism, and all the announcements about this are coming from the PMO, or at least the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary who is basically a mouthpiece for the PMO. This is unusual as this is normally a Department of Foreign Affairs matter, as it deals with another country and as such the Minister of Foreign Affairs should be the one speaking on this.

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Tory Patronage Machine goes into High Gear

Canadian PoliticsDuring my morning cruise of the internet, I came across this little item from Bourque which links to this blog article by cardinal47. It would appear that Harvie Andre, the former Tory cabinet minister under Brian Mulroney, has been given an untendered contract worth about half a million dollars for six to eight months of work. The contract is here.