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Sunday, July 05 2020 @ 01:34 MDT

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Attempting to steal ballots - Really Stephen....

Jason ramblingOk Stephen, we all know you want to be President for Life as your previous actions would indicate that this is what you and your supporters want, but sending one of your supporters to steal ballots? Come on now, really. What kind of tinpot dictator are you?
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Things that make you go hmmm.....

Jason rambling

While reading this article I found a link to this article in the Star. Now the main thrust of the article was a cheesy attempt by a Tory candidate to set up a photo op with Harper. The bit that caught my eye was this part:

Opitz, a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian military, is the senior regional advisor to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Well LCol Ted Opitz had better either be a) recently released from the CF or b) a reservist or he is in violation of QR&O 19.44 Paragraph 7.

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The Harper Campaign Follies Just Keep on Rolling

Jason ramblingSo a leaked draft of an Auditor General report suggests that the Harper Tories mislead parliament (yet again) on the expenditure of $50 million of taxpayer dollars in pork barrel spending in Tony Clement's riding during the G8 Summit. Now it's not the final report, that won't be seen until parliament reconvenes after the election and no doubt the Harper government threatened Sheila Fraser with a reduction of the AG's budget (or her job) so that the final report is properly "sanitized" to show King Harper in the proper light. That being said it's not good news for Harper and the Conservative campaign.
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Federal Job Application

Jason ramblingGiven the press that Harper is generating the past couple of weeks, with criminals as advisors and kicking out people from rallies for being, shall we say, not ideologically pure, here is a sample of a Federal government job application should Harper win his vaunted majority.
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A tale of two voter strategies

Jason ramblingIn my perusing of the blogosphere and news sites while here on my vacation I've noticed a couple of different election strategies as it comes to voters. On the left, primarily with the Liberals is the standard strategic voting paradigm that we have seen before. On the right, there's a more bizarre voter suppression strategy that the Harper Conservatives seem to be putting forward.
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List of Elections that Wouldn't have Happened

Jason ramblingGiven Harper's theory that with the natural disaster in Japan and the trouble in the Middle East there shouldn't be an election, here is a list of Canadian general elections that shouldn't have been held due to troubles that were directly or indirectly affecting Canada:
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Attack Harper Ad

Jason ramblingIt occurred to me here in the wee hours of the morning of a potential ad that could be used against Harper, the script looks something like this:
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New poll here at Evilness

Jason ramblingThere's a new poll here at Evilness. Given that it would seem that Stephen Harper and his supporters are bent on eliminating elections, would you support this?
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Harper starts advertising for dictatorship

Jason ramblingNot only has the Harper Conservatives been trying to turn Canada into a right-wing dictatorship but now they are actively campaigning on becoming a dictatorship. The only amusing part of this is the one and only war-room Con-bot in the comments section of the Macleans posting trying to defend the position.
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As Harper slowly turns Canada into the Soviet Union

Jason ramblingAs well as any other one party state you can think of. The re-branding of the government from the Government of Canada to Harper Government is moving along quite well. As evidence I present the website of one Bruce Stanton (www.brucestanton.ca). It has the same layout as any of the official Government of Canada websites.