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Wednesday, July 17 2024 @ 07:37 MDT

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Back to the gym.

Crünchy ToastI belong to a gym. That being said, it\'s been a few months since I\'ve been there. I just got busy and got out of the habit. So I made a decision to go back. I started off easy last week, heading in Tuesday and Thursday to hit the stationary bike. Then this Sunday I went in and did the bike and my weight routine.
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There\'s no life like it!

Crünchy ToastWell I spent this past weekend on call out with the military. No big deal, it happens. What I discovered was my next call out is this weekend and not two weekends hence as I had thought. So the scramble at work to get Thursday and Friday off not to mention telling my curling team that I won\'t be available for our last game has all began. The worst part is that Mrs. Evil is scheduled to return from Jolly \'ol England this Saturday and I won\'t be able to be here to greet her at the airport. Life in the service of Her Majesty.
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Crünchy ToastFor those of you who don\'t know, I\'m in a curling league. Well my team\'s been doing well of late. A little too well. From the looks of it we\'re going to end up in the A division for the playoffs. For those of you who don\'t know how curling works, generally leagues are broken into various divisions depending on how many teams are in the league. Our league has three divisions A, B and C. A is the top third of teams, B is the next third and C the bottom third. The good news is we\'re getting good enough to be in A division. The bad news is we\'re the worst team in A division. It\'s going to be a rough ride!
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A cautionary tale.

Crünchy ToastI ordered some electronic components back in December (the 18th to be exact) from three different suppliers. One supplier contacted me the following Monday, stating that they could ship the parts out of Winnipeg by Purolator for $8. Those parts showed up the next day. Another supplier shipped with the US postal service. This parcel arrived about a week after it was ordered. The final package was shipped via UPS. This parcel has yet to arrive.
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Happy New Years!

Crünchy ToastHappy new years to everybody! We had our annual party on new years eve this year as Mrs. Evil worked on the date we usually would have the party. The party was good... tonnes of food, good friends, good conversation. In all a good time was had.
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Lights fantastic

Crünchy ToastYesterday I set up the lights on the outside of the house. Nothing really exciting about that. However, the sensor light outside my house that I thought was only burnt out, was actually broken. So a trip to Canadian Tire later, the outside of my house is now as festive as ever!

In terms of other lights, Mrs. Evil and I went out and saw the Zoolights, an annual tradition here in the Evil household. The lights were good as always and I\'d recommend going if you haven\'t yet.
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End of an era.

Crünchy ToastWell, it\'s official. After 16 years of service in Canada\'s Air Reserve, I\'m saying goodbye to the blue uniform I\'ve worn so proudly. This is not to say that I\'m leaving Her Majesty\'s service, just the service I serve in. Yesterday (22 December) I took a trip up to supply at CFB Edmonton and handed in my blue air force uniform. While I was there, I picked up my new black navy uniform. That\'s right, I\'ve joined the navy.
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